When in doubt, dance!

How can I put my love for dance into words? I ‘d rather dance it! Or as Pina Bausch would say:

“Dance begins where words end.”

I have spent most of my life exploring, discovering, learning, teaching, expressing, and inspiring others about the beauty and nature of dance in its many forms through my work and experiences as a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and dance school owner. The more I learn about this artistry and the more I explore the true essence of my own dance, the more passionate and devoted I am to share and teach about its power to heal and transform. For me, life is a dance and dance is my life. I am devoted to sharing and teaching dance as an art form that goes beyond the surface, the technique, the physical and the visual aspect. I am interested in letting the soul speak and shine through. When I am choreographing, whether with children, adults, amateurs, or professional dancers, I want the dancers to go within and see what they find in the depth of their inner realms, inviting them to dance from their heart. I am interested in every individual’s unique creativity, and it is always my intention to create dances that expand our beliefs of what is possible. In my work as a dance teacher, choreographer and dancer I am always interested in a holistic approach. When teaching a technique or improvisational class, this means, to guide my students to cultivate a loving relationship with their bodies, teaching them how they can best work with and support their physicality and genetic body structure.  This also means to always ask “what is the relationship between the emotion and the movement? -between the body and the soul? “. Every dancer is so unique. We were all born with a beautiful, special body, that we were meant to love and own. It breaks my heart to see when young, talented dancers refuse and reject their bodies and their dancing because they have only been taught and focused on what they can’t do, what isn’t working and what’s not good enough. I am passionate about bringing out that special spark and uniqueness in every dancer and it is always my aim to support and guide them to a place where they know who they are, where they find their individual style and believe in the wonderful things they can do with their bodies.

Professional Bio:

Christina Szegedi is a freelance choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, yoga teacher and artist. She also works as a life coach and is the founder of Body-Mind-Soul Dance, a holistic lifestyle coaching & training for body, mind & soul. Christina studied Dance at the London Contemporary Dance School (Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance), as well as Californian Institute of the Arts, and University of North Carolina School of the Arts. In 2001 she was selected as a recipient for a scholarship from the SVTC (Swiss professional association of dancers and choreographers) to participate in the Dance Web / International Dance Weeks Vienna. Projects and engagements in London followed from where she returned back to Switzerland after several years. As a dancer and choreographer she performed in various productions and projects and was one of the founders of tanztheater daisy taff in which she was active both as a dancer and as a choreographer. For several years she was a board member of the IG Tanz Zürich (Dance Lobby). Since 2002 she was teaching in various dance schools in Zurich as a teacher for contemporary dance, ballet (Royal Academy of Dance RAD), Dance Theatre, Creative Children’s Dance and Improvisation & Composition. She has particularly specialized in children’s ballet (Royal Academy of Dance) and Kindertanz through the methodology of Gisela Peters Rohse. In 2008 she founded her own dance school, Tanztheater Kloten together with Debora Longo which she co-directed artistically and educationally until 2014. She is currently teaching at m.a. studio in Rieden/Baden. Christina Szegedi is also a certified Yoga & Meditation teacher (Bahar Yilmaz) and holds a master certification a SoulArt® guide / practitioner (Laura Holick). Besides dance she has since childhood explored and studied arts and painting and has participated in various courses at today’s ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste). Christina is a mother of two.

“Dance with your heart and your body will follow”

If you are interested in working together for choreography, dance teaching, research or any other creative project don’t hesitate to contact me here, or drop me an email, tanztheater(at)christinaszegedi.com,  and let me know how I can best serve and support you.