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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching for Body, Mind & Soul

Transformational life coaching techniques combined with Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Fitness, Nutrition, Chakra & Energy Work, Soul Art & Creative Expression

What is body-mind-soul dance?

A unique style of holistic lifestyle coaching & training designed to uncover the most vibrant, authentic, powerful version of your beYOUtiful self .

We do this through nurturing, healing, transforming and aligning your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body and your energetic body. It’s a combination of transformational life coaching techniques , Yoga , fluid movements of  Dance, Soul Art and Creative Expression, Fitness & Nutrition, as well as Chakra Work,  Energy alignment and self-love practices and much more blended into a happy fusion to understand and master the Body-Mind-Soul response and interconnectivity. It’s aim is to help you reconnect with your fullest potential on all levels, cultivating freedom, harmony, alignment, balance, flexibility, health, creativity, beauty, clarity and strength, guiding you to a place where you feel home in your body, fulfilled in your Mind and clear & inspired with your life’s purpose .

Body-Mind-Soul Dance goes beyond the physical matter, it’s an all inclusive approach, including the emotional, environmental, nutritional, and energetic/spiritual elements to your wholeness, health, happiness and wellbeing.

I always work with you as a whole person, and approach my clients holistically. We look at your life as an ecosystem and see how your various aspects are interconnected and how you can harmonize and balance your whole being.

It’s  important to know: Each client is an individual, each week is different and every day we feel different. Therefore each session may vary, depending on what you need most that day. It’s meant to serve you with what’s supporting you most on your journey to wholeness. This means we can design and tailor our journey together into a customized package to efficiently create the results you desire. Interested in discovering more?

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What is b-m-s ance

Book your free discovery session. How?

If you feel a loud YES! And know that we should work together, go ahead and book your FREE discovery session. This is with absolutely no obligations.  This 30 minute session is here for you and me to find out how and if we could work together. To give me an idea what you are interested in, pick the areas you would like me to help you with, choose as many as you like, and put them into the basket. Then press the DONE  button. Next fill in the form that pops up once you pressed DONE and press SUBMIT. This will give me a first idea so we can set up your discovery call. Once I received your form, committed to moving out of stuck, you will hear back from me within 1-2 business days to set up your free discovery session.

Start booking your free session by putting the areas of interest into the basket and click done:


Who is it for?

I love to work with you as a unique individual and look beyond the physical, I want to see and activate your true inner self, tuning into your soul’s full potential. If you like that, then it’s for you. It is for you if you have the desire to transform your life from the inside out and are committed to move out of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and confused and into moving forward with empowered action towards your desired life.

In the past my clients came to me with different desires, facing different challenges, such as : How can I cultivate a loving relationship with my body? How can I get clear on my life’s purpose? What is my vision? How do I start a business I love? How can I loose weight? How can I heal my body? How can I release stress, pain, overwhelm, blockages and anxiety? How can I find mental clarity? How do I start a meditation practice? How do I find true love for myself? It doesn’t matter what your challenge is at the moment or which aspect(s) of your life fell out of balance, in the end we will have a deep look at every aspect of your life, if you wish, so you can create a harmonious unity of your BODY-MIND & SOUL.

Most important to me is that you are committed to start living your dream life. My intention for you is that you become the master & artist of your own life, that you feel inspired by YOUR life and you start to live from the inside out, rather than looking outside for answers. So you can go and do YOUR THING, share YOUR gifts with the world, live on purpose,  live your mission and inspire many others to do the same.

What does a typical session look like?

It’s customized each time we meet to your individual needs and desires

All sessions can be held in in English or German language, in person or via skype.

I am truly excited to assist you in transforming your life from the inside out and support you in creating a life you truly love.

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My Method and Philosphy

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