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6 month private coaching

6-Month Private Coaching / 24 Sessions Package


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Quick overview:

Holistic, private coaching package for your Body-Mind & Soul to support you in moving out of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, blocked , stressed, unfulfilled and all that, and saying hi to vibrant health, empowered action, feeling inspired, balanced and free.  It’s here to support you in creating the body & life you love.

The 24 weekly 60 minute sessions include transformational life coaching techniques combined with Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Fitness, Nutrition, Chakra & Energy Work, Soul Art & Creative Expression

Can be held in in english or german language, in person or via skype

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Product Description

A unique style of holistic lifestyle coaching & training package designed to uncover the most vibrant, authentic, powerful version of you.

We do this through nurturing, healing, transforming and aligning your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body and your energetic body.  It’s aim is to help you reconnect with your fullest potential on all levels so you feel home in your body, fulfilled in your mind, clear and inspired with your life’s purpose. Body-Mind-Soul Dance goes beyond the physical matter, it’s an all inclusive approach, including the emotional, environmental, nutritional, and energetic/spiritual elements to your wholeness, health, happiness and wellbeing.

The 6 month private coaching package is for you if:

  • you have the desire to transform your life from the inside out
  • Cultivate a healthy lifestyle and a loving relationship with your body
  • you long for more clarity around your unique path and purpose
  • you need help to realize your greatest potential 
  • you require support and guidance in setting clear action steps to move forward
  • you have the desire to create a business that is based on your unique gifts and talents, doing what you love
  • you require support and guidance in setting clear action steps to move forward

The benefits of weekly private coaching

  • Receive weekly custom-made support, advice and lots of high-intuitive guidance
  • Be inspired every week
  • Uncover hidden dreams and desires
  • Increased sense of health, wellness, joy and love
  • Inner peace & deep fulfillment
  • Spiritual grounding and healing 
  • Beauty embodiment
  • Clarity of purpose and life path and crystal clear visions for the future
  • Find & claim your uniqueness and originality
  • Unleash your highest creative potential and recognize your talents
  • Courage to go for your dreams and confidence to stand in your power
  • Expanded consciousness
  • Clarity of financial goals, clear your money blocks, and open up to receiving
  • Release deep stubborn issue, emotional blocks, old patterns and limiting believe systems that hold you back from moving forward being stuck and procrastinating
  • Map out an action plan that is in perfect alignment with your highest vision

What is included?

  • 24 x weekly 60 minute coaching sessions 
  • Unlimited Email access for any kind of questions and support in between sessions
  • Material & resources


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