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Private Soul Art Day

Private Soul Art Day


CHF 700.00

Quick overview:

Decode your soul’s message and your inner wisdom through creativity

A private Soul Art day is a full day intensive where you are personally guided through a Soul Art® process. We will open the door to your inner world and unleash your inner artist to decode your soul’s wisdom for healing, transformation and divine wisdom. Awaken your inner artist and become the creator of your reality!

Can be held in in english or german language, in person or via skype.

Product Description

What is Soul Art®?

Soul Art® serves as a tool to decode your inner wisdom for healing and transformation. Through this creative process we are able to see where our dreams and desires are hiding, who we truly are, and clarify our life’s purpose. We give our soul a chance to be heard and get present with our life. Through Soul Art® we cultivate nourturing and vizualising our soul’s voice. We develop the ability and the power to create a reality in real life that is in 100% alignment with our deepest truth and desires, and get to the core of who we are.

The private Soul Art Day includes:

  • Private Movement & Body Session (Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Strength & Tone… depending where you are, and what you need, I will create a personalized body & movement sesssion that will leave you feeling strong, aligned, refreshed, centered, relaxed and happy to start your Soul Art session.
  • Private Soul Art Session
  • Meditations
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Art Materials and everything you need for your day
  • Healthy Snacks and Drinks
  • Private Coaching
  • receive custom-made support, advice and lots of high-intuitive guidance
  • unleash your highest potential
  • get all the obstacles out of your way that keep you from moving forward
  • clear your blocks
  • get crystal clear on your vision, goals and path
  • map out an action plan that is in perfect alignment with your highest vision
  • have clear action steps ready to be implemented, so you can start living your dreams and desires

No previous Art experience required!

Soul Art® is not technique based! There are people who practice Soul Art who are master level artists and people who feel shy to express themselves creatively. The purpose of Soul Art is to let the pure creative expression flow freely, whatever that expression might be, whatever art medium and method is in alignment with each individual’s unique style, personality and level of art experience. Each Soul Art session is a unique, artistic, transformational  adventure.


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