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Intuition Spirit Guides Soul Art Journey

Intuition & Spirit Guides Soul Art Journey


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Quick overview:

Connect with your intuitive superpowers and meet your own spirit guides

Learn how to awaken your intuition and get to know your spiritual support team to receive higher guidance for your life. Through cultivating intuitive living, and receiving support from higher realms, you open up to flow more freely with life, and know how to manifest your desires into physical form. You will be personally guided through 12 private lessons to discover your intuition and spirit guides using the Soul Art® processes.

Can be held in in english or german language, in person or via skype.

Product Description

Connecting with your spirit guides unleashes your intuitive superpowers and lifts a veil on the physical reality so you can see the world through the eyes of the Divine.

By going within and listening to your own wisdom you will find all the answers and support you need to live the life you were born to live. You already have everything you need inside of you, its’ just a matter of removing what stands in the way of you hearing your true inner voice, your inner guru or inner guidance system. You will learn how to clear all the things that hold you back from living your truth how to listen to your heart instead of your head which has a very limited perspective. You will discover how to connect with your spirit guides and how to recognize them when they show up in your life.

What is Soul Art®?

Soul Art® serves as a tool to decode your inner wisdom for healing and transformation. Through this creative process we are able to see where our dreams and desires are hiding, who we truly are, and clarify our life’s purpose.

No previous Art experience required!

  • The Intuition & Spirit Guides Soul Art Journey includes:
  • 12 weekly 60 minute private sessions through skype or in person
  • Intuition & spirit guides worksheets
  • A 90-day intuition & spirit guides journal
  • Meditations
  • Private Yoga sessions to support your journey
  • Private coaching to receive custom-made support, advice and lots of high-intuitive guidance
  • unleash your highest potential
  • get all the obstacles out of your way that keep you from moving forward
  • clear your blocks
  • get crystal clear on your vision, goals and path
  • Unlimited Email access for any kind of questions and support in between sessions


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