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What others say about working with me:

If I had only two words to describe my time with Christina they would be, Bliss & Delight! Her presence is so refreshing and soothing. Immediately, upon beginning our session my worries melted away, and her incredibly natural and healing presence caused me to tingle from head to toe. Her intuitive insights were powerful, and with what seemed like very little effort she was able to reflect back to me the places I was stuck, and share some practical solutions for moving into a more self-nurturing and supportive lifestyle. I am so grateful for her generous spirit, abundance heart, and her magical voice that seemed to repair my soul. Thank you, Christina!

Thalia Barrett , USA

Christina Szegedi’s regal presence elevates my perception of beauty and awakens a deep appreciation for the arts. She has the immense capacity to see the depth of spirit and translate it through words, dance, art, and insight. Christina inspires me!

Laura Hollick , Canada

Christina is a big inspiration for me.
Her bright and royal presence in combination with her creative and intuitive spirit was able to guide me right to the areas that needed more attention.
Because of this, and her firm believe in me, I could clearly see how to move forward and what action steps I wanted to take in the direction of my dream.
After our session together I felt very inspired and fully energized, her loving attention and wisdom lifted me up and made me see my greatest potential.
So if you are looking for an a amazing coach to help you manifest your creative dreams, I highly recommend working with Christina!

Love, Fleur van Til , Ecuador

Christina has the beautiful intuitive ability to open you up to what your heart is calling you to do. I felt held in a loving and supportive space and received the clarity I was seeking. I have been grappling with an issue in my business that held me in a stuck place. With Christina’s warm and sensible guidance, a new perspective emerged that showed me how to structure my path going forward. Christina has the amazing intuitive ability of opening me up to listening to my heart, in a way that my mind could comprehend. I received such clarity from Christina. After our session I received the painting which touched me so deeply. The symbolism, the colors and the meaning of the painting are so aligned with my highest vision of myself. If you need someone to open you up to what your heart is calling you to do, I highly recommend Christina’s Creative Mentoring sessions!  Thank you so much for offering your sacred gifts to the world, Christina!

Ute Lambrecht , New Zealand

I feel vibrant… I feel my soul has been visited! Christina captured me with the first question and now I feel surrounded by a fresh glow of clarity. I am excited by the new vivid visualizations that she walked me through, and plan to enjoy daily. Christina’s intuitive skills and creative sensibilities tuned into my immediate needs. This sent me on an inner adventure, which animated a spirited connection to my highest self. The questions asked and guidance given materialized a new level to my dreams. My whole self was addressed: my heart and soul’s desires, my websites, and marketing. Relaxing in the after-glow of this session, I created a long list of the action-steps and visions brought to life during this hour of intuitive guidance. Allowing my mind to travel with this action list, new ideas came to life, which will fulfill my dreams while conducting business. I was thrilled with the intimate connection I felt, and the revitalized sparkling energy I feel as a result. Thank you so much Christina for this cherished one on one communication. This guided time together has achieved significant awakenings due to your loving and creative intuitive and business skills.
My heart expanded and beats in excitement from the clarity that arrived from my session with Christina. As I continue on my path in life, constantly pulled towards my expanding dreams, there are people that I meet, courses, sessions that I am naturally drawn to because they resonate with the energy of where I am and what I need to take the next step. Christina’s call was exactly that. Her energy is pure, her clarity undeniable, and the flowing, joy-filled nature of the call makes the journey of exploring the next step so enjoyable while at the same time so clear. The interactive nature of it is perfect. Beyond writing down the elements of the exercises you’ll find you’ll want to write down the gems of wisdom that come through during the call in the margin!

I highly recommend a session with Christina to help you move closer to the life that you dream of as well. There are people who are here at this time to help guide the way, and help illuminate your own light; Christina is one of those people and I’m honoured to have aligned paths with her and her guidance.

Yoshi Arima , Canada

I connected with Christina Szegedi during an extremely chaotic situation in my life.  First of all she helped me to ground myself in the beginning of the session so that we could move on in a clear way. Then she gave me some concrete advice in how I could deal with my situation energetically which was very helpful for me. Christina also guided me through a visualization that feels life changing for me. After my session with Christina I dealt with my situation in an empowered way which was very liberating for me. I love Christina’s creative expression and I find it very inspiring for my own creative expression. Being guided by Christina is like being in her warm embrace of her Unique Creativity, Strong Intuition and Spiritual Wisdom. I strongly recommend Christina Szegedi to whoever feels drawn to her. She has a Calm, Creative and Light way of dealing even with difficult issues.

Cintra Krän , Sweden

In my session with Christina I was able to get in touch with my highest self. Even though my intention was to show something real I was letting an image of perfection stand in the way of starting. Story of my life really! She gave me confidence that my real was interesting and ok.  And the realisation that you can only ever start from where you are at.

Penny Ivison , Australia

I had the privilege of receiving a Mentoring coaching session with Christina. She is authentic, honest, incredibly perceptive, highly intuitive mixed with her high intelligence and the ability to dissect and understand all the parts of you that are wanting clarity makes her a dream mentor to work with. She is like a compassionate present detective helping and guiding you to get crystal clear clarity then supporting you to ground your insights and then keeping you on track to manifest your dreams when you trip over a rock along your journey. Christina is brilliant, authentic and loving and she has helped me move forward in leaps and bounds when I was feeling tired and stuck.

Sunne Bernt , Australia

I just had the most amazing session with you lovely lady – feeling so blessed that the universe crossed our paths. I feel so excited and energised and like anything is possible and I mean ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I want to dance and write at the same time. I feel so significant and supported. Thank you Christina, I can’t wait till our next session.

Janine Farrow , Australia

After enjoying an AbunDance Mentoring Session with Christina Szegedi Lienert, I’m inspired to share my reflection of this amazing woman…
“Christina’s embodied artistry inspires my soul’s desire to experience its fullest expression. Her dancing grace and flowing power make me want to jump up and move into my dreams. Her visual artwork whispers to me of the magic and whimsy that is here for us to enjoy in each moment. To be with her, is to connect with the heart of a loving Mama, the spirit of a forest fairy, and the soul of a transformative artist. In the space she creates, we can hear our own wise voice that calls us forward into our brightest potential.”
Christina welcomes you with a warm and delicate attention that makes you feel accepted for who you are. I absolutely loved how she used creative tools and exercices that offered me insights about the issue I was dealing with, and then how she gave me practical advice adapted to my current life situation. I loved the combination that makes her who she is, and I’m sure you will too!

Laura Jaeger , France

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