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My Method & Philosophy

The way we lead our life, defines how we feel. The combination of how we treat our body, how we deal with our emotions, how we connect with our mind, and the way our energy moves though our body, considerably influences our mood and feel. This, in turn, is decisive of what we are capable to create,and our experience of life in the most general sense.  To access your genuine power and your full potential, simply start with a healthy lifestyle. Not only is it wise to take care of your physical body, but also of your mental, emotional, and energetic body. The interconnection and synergies between those four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic) are influenced by, and affecting, your life’s ecosystem.



Restore & Balance your Physical Body:

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Motion: Moving our physical body leads to interactions with various internal pathways and functions that govern our mental, emotional and physical health. In Body-Mind-Soul Dance we build on the principles of Yoga, creating a union and alignment of all parts of your being. You’ll become more thoroughly aware of your and eventually mindful of who you truly are at the very moment, unattached to your ego’s voice. You will be releasing old energies, emotions, and patterns which reside within you.

Eat Foods that nourish: You are what you eat,you are what you put into your body. Every cell is made of the things you put in and on your body. Food is more than just nourishment: if we eat healthy food with love, it nurtures our whole being. Clean your system, eat the rainbow, and fill your body with nutrient dense, fresh, unprocessed organic foods. When your body is clean your thoughts will be too.

Stay hydrated: drinking lots of water is vital and healthy, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Eat mindfully: Enjoy each bite with all your senses.

Use natural hair & skin products: Your skin is your largest organ. What you apply on it, directly influences your health and your wellbeing.

Rest: allow enough time for sleep, relaxation, and quality time to thoroughly rest.

Your Environment: The environment around you has a big impact on your body’s health in terms of…. Clear your space and allow it to suit your needs, desires and personality


Restore & Balance your Mental Body:

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Stop thinking all the time: stop thinking all along: Let the logical mind and your inner thinker rest every now and then. Reduce the noise inside your head.

Meditate: the best tool for tapping into your most creative state of mind. Practise any form of meditation that helps you silencing your mind-chatter, slowing down, dropping into your heart space and becoming present, mindful and awake

Relax and take a nap

Spend time in Nature and feel Mother Earth.

Journal : bring your thoughts onto paper, it will create space in your mind

Create & express: let your mind rest by carrying out various intuitive creative activities, such as dancing, painting, singing, writing, or cooking

Minimize outside noise: it’s well worth to refrain from TV, smartphones, and even stay away from fellows who have contrary, negativebeliefs and values.

Release old patterns : let go of stubborn issues, mental blocks, and limiting believe systems. Get support and inspiration from a coach.

Live mindful: focus on the present moment and enjoy it with all your senses

Practise gratitude: choose gratitude over complaining by writing gratitude lists or creating a gratitude box or jar, expressing everything you are grateful for

Eat well: healthy food affects your brain and influences your emotions, mood, and intelligence

Get organized: Clean and organize your environment in a way that supports you. Chaos at home will create chaos in your mind and vice versa.

Find what you love: Find activities you love: doing the things you love will result in freedom and peace of mind



Restore & Balance the Emotional Body:

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Feel it and be with it Whenever unpleasant emotions show up, just let them come up and out, allow them to be felt. Look at them as messengers of your soul. Communicate with these strange feelings, as if they were people. Ask them what it is they want to tell you!

Express & let gothrough creative and physical expression we can channel off negative emotions from our system. They are thusly no longer stored in our body and may not affect any other parts of us.

Move & release whenever you desire to release something from your system, first become aware of where it is located in your body. Then, start giving this part of your body special attention. Use movements that help open these parts of your body, in order to release and transform emotions that are stored there.

Meditate :  close your eyes, tune and connect with your genuine power and the love inside you.

Positive Affirmations :  turn your negative thoughts into positive affirmations, and remind yourself that there is always a solution for the highest good.

Do what you love :  doing what you love automatically connects you with your genuine power and life force.

Find happiness, regardless of the situation : Every challenge you are faced with holds a lesson for you to grow. Look at everything you encounter as an experience,rather than a problem.

Ground :  Look for activities that support grounding, like connecting walking in nature, dancing, running, drumming, stomping, Yoga, or gardening aligns you back and helps you stay firmly on the ground.


Restore & Balance the Energetic or Spiritual Body:

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Cultivate your Sacred Space :  practice some exercises in complete silence, in which you tune into yourself, and to the voice of your soul

Intuitive Living: live from the inside out, rather from the outside in

Understand your Chakras :  Learn to work with your Chakras which may be looked at as your energetic digestive system. As the source of everything is energy, we may – through the training of our intuitive muscles –see and understand invisible energies.

Detox :  When your physical energy is pure, detoxed, and highly vibrational, you become a channel for higher energies and consciousness acting through you.
Vice versa if you allow your physical energy to be clear, toxic free and high vibrational, you become a pure channel for higher energies and consciousness to work through you.

Be spirited :  By cultivating a spiritual practice that strengthens your relationship with your spirit, you feel rooted and aligned with the flow of life. No longer do you then control things from your logical mind and ego. You may access infinite sources of wisdom and support, once you change over to “receiving mode”.

Be inspired :  inspiration literally means moving back in-spirit, soul and spirit in tune that is. Whenever something or someone inspires you, it remembers you of some aspect of your spirit, a slumbering potential, or a part within you which waits to be expressed.

Is your life’s Mandala in Balance?

The symbol of the Lotus Mandala may perfectly illustrate the different layers of your being , and the interconnection between all parts of your life.  If one part is undernourished, the entire system is likely to  perceive this, and may eventually disbalance. That’s why it’s crucial to look at life and your body as a whole, as an ecosystem that requires holistic care and treatment. Your body is incredibly strong, capable, smart and intelligent, but you have to listen to it when it is unhappy, it’s your responsibility to nurture and care for it.

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Mindful & intuitive Living

Living a healthy, balanced life assumes living mindfully, intuitively and consciously. It requires awareness of how much more you are than just your physical body. It requires listening to your body, its signs and signals. Living healthy and balanced is pure joy. It’s not deprivation, self-denial, nor is it boring. Thus it is not about counting calories or sporting extreme daily workouts. It rather means finding the right balance that suits you, your personality, your body type, and your lifestyle. When you’re balanced and in tune with your true self, you stop worrying about weight, diets, numbers, sizes, and scales. A nurtured Body-Mind & Soul is the foundation of vibrant health, radiant beauty, and the feeling of freedom and profound contentment.

My Intention for you:

My intention for you is that you can experience true vibrant health and feeling free and home in your body, without torture. That you can cultivate a loving, respectful relationship with yourself and own your true power. I’d love to teach you how you can nourish, harmonize, balance and restore your whole being from the inside out, and maintain a lifestyle that suits your personality, situation, goals and your desires.

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