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Grab a copy of my free E -Book in which you can find a collection of my 60 favorite daily tips, rituals, quotes &

everything that helps you cultivate a healthy, creative & intuitive lifestyle, where Body, Mind & Soul are equally cared for.

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Going through Christinas e-book “Your little guide to creative, intuitive and abundant living” is just like sitting down and having a refreshing cup of herbal tea with your most inspiring friend. You are going to love it. There are so many practical gems of wisdom within. Christina generously shares her creative –intuitive superpowers with her readers, and sets out 60 easily achieveable actions to incorporate everyday to live a more aligned and harmonious life. The pages are beautifully put together where Christina will guide you on a graceful dance throughout the book where on finishing you will feel happy, inspired and joyful in what you can incorporate into your everyday living. This book is a fantastic taste of what Christina can offer in terms of holistic and soulful coaching. Clients and coaches alike are going to love and treasure this book.

Chantal Roelofs

I have read a fair few ebooks but Christina’s words of inspiration were both beautiful and reassuring. After reading the entire ebook, I felt empowered! I now want to make more of an effort to achieve my goals and take much better care of myself. I loved the strategies that Christina gave and they worked like a charm. Christina’s words will give you more confidence and clarity and make you realise that any of your dreams are achievable.
Christina truly embodies her message of living a creative, intuitive, abundant life in her business and her life. Flicking through the pages of the beautifully designed guide gem-packed full of nuggets of wisdom – she will guide you towards understand the five-step creative process outlined in the guide, which will assist you in manifesting and creating the life you love, in a conscious and elegant way.
I highly recommend Christina’s work if you are looking to reconnect with your creativity, your soul essence, and unleash the fullness of YOU in your business – or if you’re a creative who is ready to take your life and business to the next level! She has a gift of making the creative process so feminine, beautiful and simple to help you manifest your desires and visions into reality.
This is a beautiful, practical and inspirational little guide, to keep you moving forward on your divine path. It’s full of fun and easy tips for daily life, that will remind you that whatever you want to create,YOU CAN!
Print it off and keep it at hand, so whenever you need to be uplifted, inspired and encouraged, you’ll have it right by your side.
This wonderful guide is balm for the soul. The energy of pure bliss pours out of every word written in this amazingly beautiful book and nourishes the inner world of dreams and desires. Christina fuels the creative heart with her love and dedication for co-creating the new world. Thank you for shining your light that brightly Christina. You are a real source of inspiration and beauty.

Priska Baumann

Oh wow Christina, this is a beautiful book! It’s full of self-love, whilst being insightful, soulful and straight from the heart. I adore the fairytale-like pictures! Your very actionable suggestions are exactly what I need to read right now; I’ll start right away. Thank you!

Hanna Boethius

Your little guide to creative, intuitive, abundant living is simply stunning. It is full of beautiful images, inspirational quotes and all the tools to you help you create the life of your dreams. Christina created this guide with a lot of love and I especially love the daily tips and rituals that will help guide you to live a life full of abundance and love.