Discover the amazing health benefits of watermelon


I loooove watermelons. Now that they are in season I try to drink it’s juice almost every morning. It is so refreshing and hydrating, since watermelon is over 90% water. I like to blend it with fresh mint and some lime juice, for a perfect clean drink for hot summer days. Besides being super delicious and sweet like candy, watermelon has so many health benefits, that it would be a pity not to drink or eat from this beauty. I gathered a short list of the most known benefits, bt if you browse the net, you can find endless resources and information. 

How watermelon can add to your health and well-being

  • Immune Support: watermelon is loaded with electrolytes and vitamin C which both support the stability of your immune system; and it helps decrease the risk of certain cancers.
  • Watermelon is rich in lycopene, which is known for preventing plaque build up in blood vessels.
  • Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant support: it feeds and nourishes the skin, preventing wrinkles and keeping the skin younger.
  • Wound healing & prevents cell damage
  • Watermelon protects the skin from sunburn (reduces risk of sunburn by 40%)                        
  • Promotes weight loss: remember watermelon is over 90 % water
  • Watermelon is an excellent diuretic and is extremely beneficial to the kidneys.
  • Watermelon helps your cardiovascular & bone health
  • Muscle & nerve support
  • Watermelon is alkaline-forming
  • Watermelon improves eye health
  • Watermelon is also known as ‘Natures Viagra’. The arginine produced by eating watermelon relaxes the blood vessels, which is the same basic concept of how Viagra works. The rind of the watermelon contains zinc, which also works to fight impotency.

You can either blend your watermelon or juice it, including some of the rind. The rind is full of many of the beneficial nutrients detailed above so it’s worth including in juicing. You won’t taste it in your watermelon juice since the red, fruity center is so sweet. If you want to juice it and add the rind, make sure you buy an organic watermelon.

For juicing start to wash and scrub the outside of the watermelon you want to use for juicing with a scrubbing brush and some apple cider vinegar to remove waxes and sprays. Cut off a big piece of the watermelon, depending how much you juice you want to make, and chop it up into strips that fit your juicer, including the green skin and rind. Then simply juice everything. Voilà!

If you want to blend it, simply add the red center to your belnder and blend together with some fresh mint leaves and lime juice. Sometimes I combine it with cucumber for a super hydrating combo. On hot summer days I like to add lots ice cubes at the end.

For best taste and the most health benefits drink your watermelon juice immediately.

ENJOY the sweetness and freshness, your body will thank you with lots of energy!

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