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Updates & how to fully love yourself

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« No matter what problems anyone may have, be it health issues, relationship problems, finacial trouble or weight challenges ; it all stems from a lack of love—self love »   Dr. Habib Sadeghi, author of Within

Oh dear, how the time has flown, it’s been a little while since you heard from me.

I haven’t forgotten about you dear, I am just taking a little time off from writing on the blog and concentrating more on coaching, moving and creating. A lot is shifting and transforming behind the scenes.

* My website is going through a full transformation and requires lots of time and attention, I can’t wait to share more with you soon.

* I’m coaching & teaching more than ever before, I love my work and I have amazing clients.

*  I’ve decided to move forward with my Yoga teaching and take it to the next level. I am now in the process to certify in a method that combines energy work/ energy reading with Yoga & Meditation, and enables me to support my clients in their healing and growing on an even deeper, energetic level.

* I’ve had a wonderful Yoga & Soul Art Workshop in March, since it was such deep, inward, transformational work,  I totaly forgot to take pictures.

If you are in Switzerland, I highly recommend you come to the next one, happening May 2nd- spaces are starting to fill up, so please register soon.

I am also taking more time off the blog because I desire to spend as much time as possible with my girls.

* And, as I told you earlier this year, it is my intention for this year, to devote much more time to my personal self-care practise.

I know that I can only hold space for others and be an uplifter, if I take exquisite self-care for myself.

What I teach and pray, I truly live for myself, first and foremost.



I am always seeking to learn new methods and ways to support you on your journey to becoming fully who you truly are. I am devoted to serve you in any and every way I can, to support you in:

  •  creating a life you love,
  •  doing what you love and loving what you do
  •  finding freedom and harmony in your Body, Mind and Soul
  •  and more than anything guide you to fully love YOURSELF! So you can just BE a little more! 

From all the things we need to learn, this is probably the most important lesson.

Today I invite you to close you eyes and simply say : ” THANK YOU (YOUR NAME) “

Say it out loud as often as you can. Then give yourself a big hug!

How does it feel to give yourself a big hug and say THANK YOU? Is it akward? Does it feel silly? Does it feel nice? Does it feel very needed?

How does it feel to really, and wholeheartedly thank yourself for being who you trully are? I remember when I thanked myself for the first time, it felt really akward, I realized, how used I was to subconsciously have negative self talks with myself.

Say out loud (or write down) all the things that you are thankful for in your life, all the things that you have achieved and manifested in your life. (Eg. I LOVE my work, I LOVE my home, I LOVE my children, I LOVE my husband, I LOVE my eyes, I LOVE my sense for…)

Practise gratitude whenever you feel a little off, unbalanced, overwhelmed, frustrated or sad and whenever you feel yourself going down the spiral with negative self talk, practise gratitude and change your perspective. Open up to let LOVE rule your day. Expect nothing-Appreciate everything! You will immediately feel a shift in how you feel.


Or how about writing yourself a love letter? You’ ll be suprised how much there is within you, which you have never told yourself, but should be said. This exercise is so healing!

If you want create a the life you desire, rather than dreaming about it, and “someday-ing” about it, you need to start with nourishing yourself on all levels, body-mind and soul. Nourish yourself with lots of love.

I am inspired to create that for myself every day, and I am happy to inspire others to do the same.

Are you in?

How about making 2015 your happiest, healthiest and most balanced year ever?

Please let me know in the comment section below, what you would love to create for yourself this year, and how you’re doing. You can also let me know if there are themes, you would love to see more on this blog in the future that would support you. Eg. Healthy Recipes, Exercise Routines, Meditations, Affirmations…, please let me know.

imageimageimageimageimage  image


imageI am now opening up space for 3 new private coaching clients in April onwards.
I would absolutely love to support you in coming home to yourself and helping you find freedom, balance and creativity in your Body, Mind & Soul. Whether this means finding your purpose, creating a healthy lifestyle, transforming your body, opening up to a new relationship, finding your unique creative expression and voice or bringing your business to the next level. Let’s find freedom and let go of fear, self-doubt, old, limiting patterns and beliefs.  Let’s create a life you truly LOVE!

Are you ready to create that for yourself?

This includes: 12x 60 minute private 1:1 coaching sessions over the period of 3 months

  • Worksheets
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • held through skype or in person, depending where you are
  • in english or german language

Not so sure if I am the right coach and mentor for you?

Well, let’s just set up a time to chat to find out how we can work together. Simply hit reply to one of my emails and let me know that you want to set up your complimentary 30-minute consultation or click here

I would absolutely love to hear from you and find out how I can best support you.

One of my wonderful clients Fleur, created a little video testimonial where she talks about her experience of our private coaching adventure.

The wonderful thing is that she moved from the Netherlands to Equador with her whole family, to live in one of the most exotic places. She took her whole family to this sacred place, to live the life they desired to live- and lucky me, I got to coach her from Switzerland through SKYPE! So every Tuesday afternoon, my office was filled with beautiful exotic bird sounds, and while I was covered in shawls and multiple layers of jumpers to keep me warm, with the heating full on and still freezing, Fleur showed up to our session in her light summer dresses. That’s how the magic of today’s technology make this experience and service so easy and accessible from wherever you are in the world.

Watch the video, where she shares more.

Get to know Fleur and her beautiful family at

You know in your heart that a piece is missing in your life, but you’re not sure what it is and how to move forward?

Set up  your complimentary 30-minute consultation through this link.

I would love to support you and guide you back home to yourself, to your soul and your purpose.

All of my clients have come with very different desires and challenges. They have created their own brand, started their websites, birthed their first products, released stubborn health issues, healed their energy body through discovering their chakras, got back in shape and lost weight, started with new hobbies, unleashed their creativity and inner artist, transformed their lifestyle, let go of feelings that blocked them and rediscovered clarity, passion, freedom and balance.

I am amazed by all their achievements and how much transformation could happen in such a short time, once they said YES! to their dreams.

And if you intuitively feel a YES! too- I would love to chat with you!

The wonderful news is that you already have what you need inside you. I know it sounds simple, and it really is. I am not here to ‘fix’ you and you are not broken. It’s just a matter of removing what stands in the way of you expressing your brilliance, your uniqueness, and your light. The best version of yourself is just hiding undearneath your own worries, self-doubts, old programming, and limiting beliefs.

So if you feel ready and feel a loud YES! Set up  your complimentary 30-minute consultation through this link.

Plant Impossible Gardens-Grow Incredible Dreams



Have a wonderful weekend,

as always I am happy to read your comments and feedback!

with lots of love, beauty, creativity & magic,



My secrets for beating the cold and grey weather


One of the intentions I set for myself this year was to let go of the overly busy lifestyle, and instead slow down as much as possible and practise more self care. While 2014 was all about working hard, velocity, not getting enough rest and sleep, I started 2015 with a new approach. Effortless and Graceful are two of my keywords for this year.  I want to take much more time to nurture and pamper myself, with more time to relax and let go and do more of the things that nourish my body-mind and soul.

So in the future I will keep sharing all the things and practises that help me deepen my body-mind-soul connection and my hope is that you will get a spark of inspiration and start to incorporate some of the practises in your daily life.

So today I will share how ginger is helping me to stay warm during these cold winter days and I will also be sharing some simple yoga stretches, which I started to include in my nighttime habits. This simple shift has completely changed the way I fall asleep, whenever I do the stretches I share below I sleep like a baby.


 image   image   image    image                                                                    

I have been drinking a lot of hot ginger water, ginger tea or smoothies with ginger during winter. On days when I am working on my desk and whenever I sit a lot, I tend to feel cold very quickly. Since my body is used to constantly move, and that’s how it produces heat, I am sensitive to cold and easily freezing when I am not moving. Hot ginger water is a great way for me to heat up the body from the inside, on days when I am not able to move my body that much. I cut a nice junk of ginger root into little pieces and pour boiling water over it. I often add an organic lime, which gives the water that wonderful zesty aroma and taste. I let the hot water sit for about 10 minutes and then drink it throughout the day. You can try out different variations and replace the limes with grapefruits, oranges or lemons. Just make sure you use organic, untreated fruits, since you don’t want to drink the pesticides. Also adding a little honey or your favorite choice of natural sweetener can be an option. Try it out and let me know what you like most.

Not only does ginger help you stay warm. Some of the many other bebefits of ginger are:

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Improves Circulation
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Fights the cold and flue
  • Relieves Asthma Symptoms
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Releases muscle pain and sore muscles after exercise
  • Helps ease migraines
  • Improves Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Menstrual Cramp Remedy
  • Helps with morning sickness during pregnancy
  • Reduces motion sickness and nausea
  • Clears sinuses
  • Fights cancer
  • Protects against Alzheimer
  • Reduces osteoarthritis
  • Blocks acid from heatburns
  • Improves your breath
  • Natural aphrodisiac

With so many health benefits and since it’s so easy to make, it makes sense to start adding ginger to your daily habits and some of your dishes.

Here is one of my favorite winter-smoothie recipe, which is also made with ginger.



IMG_0853[1]This smoothie will give you an instant boost, helps with digestion because of the diferent citric fruits, at the same time it’s warming from the ginger. It is so delicious! Press 2 grapefruits and 3-4 oranges. Cut 1/2 pineapple into pieces. Put everything into a high speed blender and add a piece of ginger (size of ginger depends on how hot you like it) Mix and blend everything on high speed till it’s smooth and creamy. Enjoy right away!



Another practise I have been starting again this year is stretching before I go to bed. These specific stretches are relaxing yet invigorating and help to reduce stiffness that has been built up during the day in the areas of the spine, hips, shoulders, legs and neck. At the same time these stretches massage and nourish the inner organs, preparing them to fulfill their proper function during sleep.

I created little snapshots from a video I did on my full evening stretch sequence. Since the images are “cutouts” from the video, they are not the clearest fotos. Also the lighting wasn’t the best, but I wanted to create something for you, so that you can try out the stretches for yourself. I don’t always have the time to do the full sequence. When I feel very tired I just do a few of them, and sometimes I just don’t feel like stretching at all. But the difference in the quality of my sleep when I do the stretches is remarkable. I cuddle into the bed, feeling totally relaxed and comfortable in my own skin, and fall asleep very easily. Try them out, or some of them taht feel good. Remember this is a practice and not about prefection. If the poses look or feel too difficult for you,  just do what you can from where you are right now. this is not about how it looks like but how it feels like.


(based on the teachings of Shiva Rea )

Part 1: Full body warm up and flow

These stretches help to warm up and massage the whole body and realease stiffness, especially in the back, hips, neck and shoulder area.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

 Part 2: Spine Extentions, Forward Bends and Twists

These forward bends and twists help to calm down the nervous system and create space in the spine and the hamstrings/back of the legs

image image image image image image image

(Variation with bent leg for beginners, using a strap or towel)

 Part 3: Hip openers for release and relaxation

The hips are the place in the body where a lot of emations are stored. So it makes sense to stretch this area for the night to support release and deep relaxation, letting go of emotional discomfort.

image image image image image image image image image image

 Part 4: Inversions 

The upside down poses of the shoulder stand and plough, increase circulation, they massage and nourish the internal organs, and the proper function of the endocrine system

image image image image image image  image image image image image image image

(Relax in Shavasana as long as you like)

And this is a little behind the scenes, showing what usually happens during my practise: :-) She always wants to do her little feat (“Kunststückli”)

image image image image image


Click here to download a PDF of the whole routine for print out.

I hope this post inspires you to create your own sanctuary wherever you are. As always, please leave your your comments, feedback, experiences questions and insights in the comment section below.

If you would like to receive more tips and inspiration on how to cultivate a healthy, beautiful, balanced, creative, intuitive life, where we aim to bring all aspects mind-body and soul into harmony, then please sign up for my free E-Book. This guide reveils a collection of my 60 favorite tips, practises, exercises, quotes, rituals and more on how to live that way.

Have a wonderful week,
as always I am happy to read your comments and feedback!
with lots of love, beauty, creativity & magic,