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Bliss Balls & Golden Gugelhupfs


These bliss balls or energy balls are the perfect treat when you are craving something sweet but want to stay on the healthy road. The little delights will keep everyone happy, since they are FREE of refined sugar, lactose and gluten and you can even get your kids involved to help make them. Now that Christmas time is just around the corner,  I love making big batches and pack them into beautiful boxes or sackets, gifting all my family and friends. As a nice and thoughtful alternative to all the common sugar and butter loaded christmas cookies, I also like to press the mixture into little silicone moulds, little gugelhupfts (bundt cakes) in my case, coat them with raw chocolate powder and sprinkle with some edible gold stars, et voilà in no time you have the perfect little christmas gift. I often serve these little gugelhupfs and bliss balls with fresh fruit salad as a desert for one of the christmas dinners.



They are made with dates, which are still full of natural sugars,  so make sure you are still eating these as a treat, but unlike refined sugar, dates are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber . They contain oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, patassium phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are all supporting your health and wellbeing. They are also a great pre- or post workout snack as they provide muscle development.

Makes around 30 balls depending on size.


  • 200g regular dates or approx. 20 Medjool dates
  • 100g almonds
  • 100g hazelnuts
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds (optional for extra nutrients)
  • 1 tablespoon hemp seeds (optional for extra nutrients)
  • 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder  
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch sea salt
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil – melted
  • Coating: desiccated coconut, chopped pistachios, freeze dried rasperries and raw chocoalte powder for rolling 


1. Process the almonds and hazelnuts in a food processor until coarsly chopped, the mix should be slightly chunky to help hold the balls together. Place in a big bowl.
2. Blend dates with a little water until you have a smooth date paste.
3. Add the rest of the ingeredients, process again and add into the bowl with the chopped nuts and mix. 
4. If the mixture is too dry add alittle water or some more coconut oil.
5. Once mix starts to come together, shape mixture into balls, or press into silicon moulds.
6. For bliss balls: Roll in the desiccated coconut, chopped pistachios, freezedried rasperries or raw chocoalte powder.
7. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes to let them firm up.
    For the gugelhupfs: once they are firm, take them out of the moulds, dip them into raw chocolate powder and sprinkle with gold stars.
8. Enjoy & indulge!
The gugelhupf silicone moulds are from Betty Bossy and can be ordererd HERE
as well as the edible gold star sprinkle which you find HERE.
With Love,
mind christina

Announcing the 5 winners


Today was the day to pick the 5 winners for the Chakra Scan contest.

First of all thank you everyone who sent me a message and participated in this contest. I read all of your notes and I was touched by all your stories. Honestly, I would love to gift this Chakra Scan to all of you, because really, you all deserve it!  Nothing else makes me more happy than to inspire and uplift you. To see you for who you truly are, guide and support you so that you can realize your full potential. But since this is a contest there also needs to be winners.

Having said that, if you are not one of the 5 winners and you still feel called to receive a Chakra Scan you can always book one HERE

And here are the winners, tadaaaa, drumroll please!:

  1. Andreas Pöchhacker
  2. Danijela Lizatovic
  3. Ladina Blumenthal
  4. Nadja Bütter
  5. Valerie Gardel

Congratulations! You will receive an email from me shortly with the next steps to set up your Chakra Scan.

If you are interested in more and know that we should work together, but you are not sure which program, product or service to chose from, you have the option of setting up a FREE 30 minute discovery sessionThis 30 minute session is here for you and me to get to know each other and find out how I can best support you, and how we can work together. Just follow the instruction HERE



Heute war es soweit, die 5 Gewinner des Chakra Scan Gewinnspiels wurden feierlich gezogen.

Zunächst einmal herzlichen Dank an euch alle, die mir eine Nachricht geschickt haben und am Gewinnspiel teilgenommen haben. Ich habe all eure Worte gelesen und eure Geschichten haben mich berührt. Ehrlich gesagt, würde ich am liebsten allen von euch diesen Chakra Scan schenken, denn ihr alle habt ihn verdient! Nichts anderes auf der Welt macht mich glücklicher, als Menschen zu inspirieren und sie zu erheben, ihnen ihr wahres Potential aufzuzeigen und sie darin zu unterstützen, dieses Potenzial auch leben zu können.

Aber da dies nun ein Wettbewerb ist, muss das nun mal so sein und es gibt nur 5 Gewinner.

Wobei, solltest Du nicht unter den 5 Gewinner sein und Dir trotzdem einen Chakra Scan wünscht, kannst ihn jederzeit HIER buchen.

Und hier sind nun also die 5 glücklichen Gewinner, tadaaaa: (mit Trommelwirbel)

  1. Andreas Pöchhacker
  2. Danijela Lizatovic
  3. Ladina Blumenthal
  4. Nadja Bütter
  5. Valerie Gardel

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ihr werdet in Kürze eine E-Mail mit allen Infos und den nächsten Schritten zum Chakra Scan von mir erhalten .

Falls Du mehr über meine Arbeit wissen möchtest und denkst, dass wir zusammen arbeiten sollten, Du jedoch nicht sicher bist welches Programm, Produkt oder welche Dienstleistung das Richtige für Dich ist, hast Du die Möglichkeit Dich für eine kostenlose 30-minütige Discovery Session/Kennenlernsitzung anzumelden. Diese 30-minütige Sitzung dient dazu einander kennen zu lernen, zu erfahren wo Du momentan stehst, wie ich Dich am besten unterstützen kann und wie wir zusammenarbeiten könnten. Um Dich dafür anzumelden folge den Anweisungen HIER.




With Love,
mind christina

Featured in the Mogul Muse magazine!


Happy to be featured in and contributing to the 3rd ISSUE of Mogul Muse Magazine, with this issue’s theme “Beauty in the eye of the beholder”. You can get your free copy by following this link: 

Learn more about this creative online magazine and subscribe to
MOGUL MUSE Magazine – “where creative geniuse meet”


Mogul Muse, preview

Lotus Pose and how some time on the mat can turn your struggles into love

lotus pose by water

There are things in my yoga practice I struggle with tremendously. Padasana or Lotus Pose is one of them. I have very little outward rotation in my right hip, which makes it seem almost impossible to get into this pose. Throughout my whole dancer’s life I have worked “hard”on my hip rotation. In ballet everything is about “turning out” and “en dehors”, and believe me, I still keep dreaming about how easy life could be with widely open hips. I practise with and for my body every day, but there are things my body just won’t do. For a dancer I have a very difficult body, not ideal at all. There were many times when I asked myself, why did my soul have to choode such a difficult body to become a dancer? It became even more “difficult “in 2008 when I almost lost my left foot.

Back then I caught a really serious infection on my left foot, whilst traveling in Nepal. Long story short, this infection nearly could have killed my foot, or even leg. Luckily surgery came at the right time, saving my foot early enough from the rapid succession that this infection could have caused. Now a big scarve on the back of my left foot and one underneath my ankle joint reminds me day by day of the second chance life gave me to dance, to move and to walk FREELY. Before this happened, I thought I would die if I can’t dance. But the experience in the wheelchair made me realize and be present with all the possible ways we can be in and with our body. This was a turning point for me.

Yoga & Ballet is not easy for me. Some things my body can do easily, but many of the things require lots of practise, time and devotion.  I practise as much as I possibly can. I make myself connect with my body every day, listen to it, be present with it, read it’s signs, breath with it, give it the space and nourishment that it requires, everything I can to continue a loving relationship with it. Even when I don’t feel like practising, I make myself do it, because I know how good I will feel and how happy my body will be, after we have spent some time together. That’s what keeps me do it, every damn day. Some days it feels light and easy to move, some days it’s hard. On good days I am so grateful for the experience with my left foot and that I still have a this foot, but I have bad days, where I just want my old flexible foot back, which is still very stiff and immobile from the scarve.

But some days magical things happen like today when I managed to get into the Lotus pose, these moments just suddenly happen. Other people just plop into the Lotus pose while they are sleeping, I need lots of stretching before I can even bring my left leg up, and I need a strap to do it. My alignment is far from perfect, because of the asymmetry of my hip flexors, but it felt so good to finally sit in this pose. I had to laugh out laud, just out of pure relief, releasing all of that tension that was sitting in my hips and upper legs.

Moments like this are such a great reminder that we are always on the journey, always learning, always growing and evolving, both on the mat and in life. And on some days things can happen, that we never thought could be possible.

Never give up, just keep doing it. Breathe through the painful moments, and never compare yourself to others. Get inspired by those who are a step ahead, but never give up because you are not where they are. Go from where you are today, with what you have today and start with that, gently, lovingly and mindfully. Keep your vision and the dream that sits in YOUR heart, not that of other people.
This is why I practice day by day. Open your heart and everything will unfold when the time is right. Everything you do is important and valuable for your growth, on and off the mat, even in the difficult moments.

And here is a little dance in my little Lotus Pose, early in the morning, raw and real, with unbrushed hair.

FullSizeRender (3)


Namaste, have a wonderful day, as always I am happy to read your comments and feedback!

With Love,
mind christina

Inspired by Green and how this color benefits you.


On January 1st we celebrated our daughter’s 5 th birtday. One of the gifts she got from her godfather was a package of cress seads. In different cultures it is a tradition to grow cress for the new year, as a symbolic act to celebrate new beginnings. I thought it is a wonderful ritual to do with the whole family, one that I would like to repeat every year. To plant the seeds for new dreams and watch them grow! Children love to watch the growing process, how the seeds grow into sprouts, and in the end we can even eat them. We put a little Mikey Mouse figure in the middle of the plate, Mikey Mouse’ s trees grew more and more until one day he dispeared in the jungle.

image image  image


Watching the seeds grow reminded me of the time it takes for our dreams to grow. With every desire you have, you are already given the seed to create its manifestation. Whatever you want to create, is already within you, and it’s only a matter of time, patience, trust and believe until you bring it into form and reality. It takes time! It takes the time for the seed to mature. It takes time for the sprout to grow into a certain direction. It takes time to have the experince of growing itself. So often we get dicouraged when things don’t happen the way we wished for, but we forget that this is just part of the growing process. In these moments we need to remember that we are still in the process of growing that dream. Don’t put a deadline on your dreams, instead trust that it’s going to happen when the sprout has grown enough. In the meantime you need to water it and nurture it, so it can continue to grow. In other words, keep vizualising your desire and pretend it already happened until it’s real. Meditate on what you want to manifest as often as possible. Write it into your journal, create a vison board, create a collage of images associated with your desires and hang it up somewhere where you can see it all the time. That way you are reprogramming your subconscious mind. I love to create folders on Pinterest to connect with my desires. You can follow my Pinterst boards here.

The green sprouds also inspired me to talk a little about the COLOR GREEN, it’s meaning  and how this color benefits you. As always I am trying to capture the theme through images of the little things and moments in my life. I felt a true boost of energy from including more green in my life during these grey winter days.

image image image  image image imageimage image image image image  image image  image image imageimage starnetblog_green_abstract_watercolor_tileable_pattern3 image image image images (1)


The color green stands for the color of balance, harmony, hope, vitality, healing, stability, growth, spring, renewal and nature. It helps to renew and restore depleted energy. If we look at it from a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions. It creates equilibrium between the head and the heart.

Green is connected to the Heart Chakra. Chakras are energy centers and vortexes throughout our body. They manage the flow of our energy for different aspects of our life, such as our emotional life, physical health, relationship dynamics, career and success, creative flow, spiritual connection, and our overall sense of wellbeing.


The Heart Chakra which is located in the center of our chest holds the energetics and frequency of love. If the Heart Chakra is open and healthy it provides the ability to give, share and receive love, to nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. The heart Chakra loves to contribute to society. If I would describe the heart Chakra as a person it would be a charity worker, a good parent, a helpful neighbor, or a good host. It is generous and loves to share. The heart Chakra is associated with the color green, the Heart Chakra and Nature/Mother Earth are clearly connected. For the body’s ecosystem it ‘s the lungs, the breath, the respiratory system that provides circulation within our body, it renews and restores depleted energy and brings nourishment, movement, regeneration and supports the blood to be strong, healthy and flowing. The lungs of mother Earth are the trees, the jungle, the rainforest and its veins are the river streams. It is the sanctuary far off from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being. This Chakra also relates to prosperity and abundance, finance and material wealth. The Heart Chakra is the home-base of our spirit, because it feels home in the high frequency of love. To heal or maintain the health of the Heart Chakra it is crucial to find and do the things we love and spend as much time with these things as possible. Things that open our heart, so that gradually our whole life and every aspect in our life is an expression of love.


Spending time in nature, loving, expressing gratitude, giving, volunteering, abundantly receiving, nurturing, caring for another, caring for yourself, intimacy, romance. Include as much greens as possible in your diet. Indulge in green smoothies and green juices made from fresh, raw fruits and green leafy vegatables. The greens help you alkalize your body and and are packed full of nutrients.


Wearing, meditating on, or surrounding yourself with this color opens the heart, connects you to your true nature and rejuvenates the spirit. It helps you relax, feel peaceful and creates a sense of stability, healing and expansion.

I hope this post inspires you to freshen up your life with some greens to give these grey winter days (if you live in the northern hemisphere) a kick, or maybe it motivates you to plant a seed for a new dream. Whatever that dream might be for you. Whether it’s finding and creating a new home, meeting your soul mate, growing a family, transforming your health, body and wellbeing, finding your dream job, bringing a heart-felt project to life, creating a business you love, manifesting new levels of success, finding love, passion, purpose and balance, whathever that dream of yours is, I hope you keep nurturing and following it.

And if along the way you feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused and alone and long for guidance and support on your journey, but you don’t know where to start, let’ s have a chat and see how I can best serve you. I am here to hold your hand and guide you to get out of confusion and overwhlem and into clarity and inspired action.


Have a wonderful week,

as always I am happy to read your comments and feedback!
with lots of love, beauty, creativity & magic,




How to deal with Self-doubt & ways to empower yourself again

Attractive woman on a seacoast

Self-doubt is a little gremlin that keeps showing up in my life and can sometimes feel like a stubborn block tied to my leg, holding me back from moving forward. It often shows up after the high and excitment of a new creation or endevour, when things have not gone as expected. I know that dealing with self-doubt is a constant battle for many creative people, no matter how experienced and successful they are.

Creating your own path means constantly dancing between confidence and doubt. It’s a blend of living in freedom & liberation and terrified “stuck-ness”.

Whenever I am experiencing uncomfortable emotions, and self-doubt is definitely a big one for me, I try to be with it, look at it closely, ask different questions and express it. Communicating with the emotion and giving it a tangible form, enables expansion, learning, releasing, healing and growing.

Recently, after lots of celebrations and partying, going to bed late everyday, eating too much unhealthy food that deepleted my energy,  I experienced one of those really dark days, where I felt horribly teary, cranky, empty, unworthy, and wanted to give up everything. My body was out of balance and so were my thoughts.  I basically questioned everything that I am and I do, and I was almost ashamed about my own thoughts, because they were just so out of alignment with what I preach.

A chit chat of negative self talk was racing through my mind:

“why not just give up everything “,  “what am I doing here “, “forget it “ , ” what is the point of all this ” ,  “I will never get there“,” „no-one will like what I create“, no-one is interested in my work anyway”,  “I can’t do this”, “I have no talent”, “I am not this, I am not that ….. bla bla bla”

So after a full day of letting myself over to these thoughts of self-pitty and self-doubt, I  got my journal out and started to communicate with my emotions.

I  asked different questions:

How does the feeling/the emotion look like?

How does it act like?

What does it do to me?

What is really coming up for me?

What is the learning in this?

What was my initial intention?

How do I want to feel instead?

What guidance does my intuition offer here, so I can move forward? 

E.g.  “It’s  a dark, black, heavy, fury monster that eats up all the initial lightness, joy and excitment of my dreams and ideas. It  insidiously crawls over me and pulls me down into a dark, tight tunnel where I can’t breathe properly and where I can not see any light. While I wander through that dark tunnel of my thoughts the monster questions all my abilities. …

While I was journaling and expressing the whole story of that feeling, I could see clearly what was going on inside of me and what was really coming up for me. I could understand why I was so triggered and what my position was in this story.  I could then shift and transform my position into an empowered role of me leading over my emotions, and not the other way around, while healing the parts inside myself, that were asking for special care.

You can try this process with any emotion that comes up and you would like to transform.

“It’s impossible.” said pride.

“It’s risky.” said experience.

“It’s pointless.” said reason.

“Give it a try.” whispered the heart.

To push through these feelings and limiting beliefs, to keep trusting, doing, refining  and believing without getting lost in the comparing of other people’s achievements is not easy,  I know.  To stay motivated until the vision has manifested requires a lot of inner strenght, patience, time and practise of self-love.

Knowing that self-doubt is an integral part in the creative process can be a helpful reminder.  When we we find ourselves alone in this state of being discouraged and ready to give up everything, we have two choices. We can either just do nothing, give in to all the heaviness and disappointment, and fall into the downward spiral. Aternatively,  we can use this feeling as a new starting point, commit to a deeper learnin and growing to go to the next level in our life.  It’s our choice in which direction we want to go.


Below  are some of my favorite tips that I  have found to be most effective in times of self-pitty and self-doubt, to get back on track to trusting again :

1. Journal: As explained before, get your thoughts and feelings out on paper and let them speak to you. By writing or sketching your story, you will get to the core of the emotion and receive clarity and answers how you can shift and transform the situation. In the end an emotion is just an energy, E-MOTION = ENERGY IN MOTION. You are in charge of the path of this motion.


2.Meditate: Meditation helps you silencing your mind-chatter, and negative self talks, connecting you to your intuition and inner guidance. Close you eyes, breath deeply, drop into your heart space and repeat a healing mantra a few times .E.g. „ I breath in love and peace and  I breath out all my self-doubt and release all my limiting beliefs.” You can then ask your inner voice to give you guidance on what you really want and what to do next.


3.Ground and connect with nature: Get outdoors and spend time in nature. Being in nature will immediately raise your vibration and connect you to your own nature. Being in nature, helps you ground, get out of your head and into your heart, which will lead to making you feel inspired again.


4. Reprogram your limiting belief system: Make a list of all your limiting beliefs, that keep showing up and tell you why you can’t have what you desire. On another sheet of paper write out the opposite of these limiting beliefs. Stick the list to a place in front of you, so you can read it over and over, to reprogram your subconscious mind.


5. Nourture yourself with exquisite self-care: If you feel out of balance it’s easy to fall into negativity and self-doubt. Through exquisite self-care, your mind will relax and you will be more open to receiving. Your batteries will fill up, your ideas will flow and you will feel inspired again. (Eat healthy, stay hydrated, exercise and move your body a lot, go to bed early, take a hot bath, get a massage, go to the spa…)


6. Connect and spend time with like-minded people: Sometimes getting reassurance or help from others who have gone through the same, can make a big difference. To know that you are not the only one who gets these feelings and has these experiences can shift your self-doubting attitude instantly.


7.Get support from a private coach: Working with a private coach will transform your blocks, speed up your learning curve to work through resistance. You will be able to step into your vision much faster than you would, if you did it all by yourself. You get all the personal attention and care to connect, see and share your inner brilliance.



Here are some more favorite quotes to inspire in times of self-doubt:

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” ― Sylvia Plath

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” ― Vincent van Gogh

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”― Suzy Kassem

Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.

“She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, bit because she continued on despite them.”― Beau Taplin

Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere. But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment. And you can see forever.— pez

Have a wonderful week,
with lots of love, beauty, creativity & magic,


Create your 2015!

Human hand with pen calculating budget. Teacup and digital tablet on a table

Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard

Hurray, today we had the first snow this winter. Finally! It felt truly magical this morning to wake up to the view you see below. After a very warm December and a „brown christmas“ everyone was dreaming of a white wonderland. Oh, how magical it felt to walk through this white, silent dream. While wondering through the winter wonderland I was thinking and singing to myself:

“Shhhh Shhhh
It’s, oh, so quiet
Shhhh Shhhh
It’s, oh, so still
Shhhh Shhhh
You’re all alone
Shhh Shhh
And so peaceful until…. ”   (Björk)

image image image imageimageimageimage

I love the days after christmas. I usually take some moments during these days between the old and the new year to get silent, go inside, read books on the sofa, nurture my soul and body, enjoy lots of warming tea, light comforting candles, be present and listen closely what my soul has to say.

imageimage image

I try to make space on the last days of the year and create little moments where I am with myself and my journal to celebrate and reflect upon the old year. Creative journaling helps me to hear what’s really important and helps me connect to my inner wisdom, dreams and desire.

IMG_9162[1] IMG_9160[1] IMG_9118[1]IMG_9110[1]

I invite you to join me to close this year with some creative reflections. To make the most of this ritual, find somewhere quiet, turn off any distractions, make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea and get your journal, pens and markers out. Use different coloured markers, pencil crayons, pastels or paint to acces your creative genius and the aspect inside of you that has the answers to all your questions. The part that holds your true power and knows how to manifest your dreams. You can also create a collage and cut out images from magazines to express what you feel, what you want to be answered, or what you want to create in your life.

While you are writing, doodeling, sketching and collaging, pay attention to the little voice inside, your intuition or the voice of your soul, however you like to name it.  Be honest. Just let everything flow through you and out on paper. No-one is watching, express what you really think, not what you think you should think. Don’t judge what you create, just let yourself be guided by the creative flow and listen.

Answer the following questions for yourself:

When looking back on 2014

2014 was the year that…

What was amazing in 2014?

Great things I am grateful for about 2014?

What did you achieve in 2014 that you are proud of and that you wnat to celebrate?

What did you learn in 2014? What worked?  What didn’t work?

How and in what way did you get closer to the dreams you had in 2013?

What did you discover in 2014?

What do you want to leave behind at the end of 2014?

What do you want to bring into your life in 2015?

What needs to be completed in 2014?

What is holding you back from doing what you love that you would like to transform?

When looking forward to 2015

If 2015 will be my best year:  describe your year 2015 in every aspect of your life. Imagine yourself at the end of 2015.

How are you experiencing:

1.Health & Body



4.Purpose/Business/ Career


6.Environment you live and work in

7.Self-love & Self-care



What is your big dream for 2015? Think how you want to feel, how you want to be, what you stand for, what you want to enjoy, what you want to explore and discover, what you are celebrating? What do you want to stop doing in 2015?  How are you different? How did you grow? ….Who is it you want to become in 2015?

What I came to experience and understand deeply this year is how our thoughts and feelings become the things in our life, and we are the creators. Every thought and every feeling does determine what we will manifest. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BELIEF IS, YOUR THOUGHTS WILL ALWAYS CREATE YOUR EXPERIENCE. If we feel love for something we will attract and create more love. If we believe we are never good enough, we will create situations in which we will experience the feeling of not being good enough. This goes with every feeling and thought, so therefore it’s so vital that we are crystal clear on what we want to feel and experience and hold onto that.

I hope you will find the tim eand gift yourself the space to close and celebrate 2014 with this little ritual.  It will definitely assist you in setting the stage to make 2015 your best year ever!


I wish you an amazing end of the year and new year’s eve! I am looking forward to connect with you again in the new year!

Let’s make 2015 the most magical year! You have the power to create it!

As always, it makes me so happy if you share your ideas, thoughts, insights and feedback and leave me a comment.

With lots of love, beauty, creativity & magic,


December Magic

Female holding cup of coffee near christmas gifts on a table

Christmas is not just a season, it’s a feeling!

This is what Christmas means to me, captured in images….

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage image  imageimage imageimage  imageimage   image   image  image image image image image  imageimage imageimage image   imageimageimageimage    image  image

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, but it seems that for most people it’s getting a little crazy and overwhelming with all the parties, events and gifts. December can be such a special time and there are many ways to truly feel the spirit and magic of Christmas. Specially with kids, this time connects us deeply with all the memories and family traditions we experienced as a child during christmas. I want to pass these traditions on to my children and help them experience the magical feeling of this season. I always remind myself that we have only a few short years where my children really “believe” in traditions like Santa Clause and Christ Child ( “Samichlaus” and “Christkind” as we call them in Switzerland). I love to do little things and rituals to make this time a very special one for them, which will stay in their sweet childhood memory.

I decided for myself that the hustle and stress of December won’t catch me, and that I will make it the most beautiful month of the year. So how do I do that? I consciously slow down for little moments, where I bake and have cookie days with my girls, decorate, craft, make gifts, beautiful walks in nature, sing and play Christmas songs on the piano, light lots of candles, drink warming tea, slurp on hot chocolate, smell the aroma of oranges and cinamon, enjoy a hot bath with candles, hang up stars and white angel wings everywhere in my home, make christmas cards, enjoy a bowl of warming soup, write a wish list to Christchind, open the advent calendar with my girls every day and read them christmas tales, wrap presents, use lots of sparkle gold and glimmer, decorate the Christmas tree with my husband on the night of the 23rd when the girls are sleeping, plan a relaxed christmas eve dinner with a beautifully set table in white and gold with antique dishes and silverware from my great-grandmother, listen to Christmas CDs, go to the Opera and watch a ballett, visit Christmas markets, buy rosted chestnuts, spoil myself with a cashmere sweather, go to a bath with hot springs to relax, watch Christmas movies with my kids, waiting for the first snow to come…

It doesn’t even matter if I do all these things or not, but it’s the thougt of it, that gives me that magical feeling of christmas. Do you want to join me and enjoy this season fully, with all our senses? Shall we ?


I would love to hear how you are enjoying this magical time, please leave me comment in the comment section below. Share your ideas, thoughts, insights and feedback.

Have a wonderful week, follow your bliss!

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Creative, Intuitive, Abundant Life

Free Guide

“Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life”

Hello wonderful,

it’s been a while since I posted on the blog for you. A lot is happening over here. I’ve been working on different projects and products. But even if I don’t pop into your inbox as often as I wish, know that you are always in my thoughts and whatever is going on in my life, you are always part of it.

I am very committed to help and inspire you to live your best and most creative life. To share my inspiration and guide you is what I am passionate about.

I know that creativity and intuition  are the channels that help us access the core of our deepest truth and our soul’s wisdom. Therefore I am always interested in guiding you, and inspiring you to cultivate your relationship with your creativity and intuition, the inner-tuition,  that is. I want you to experience the abundance and the magic that life has in store for you. Yet, I am always asking myself : “how and in what way I can I best support you with all I have to offer?”

My passion for the arts,  my experiences, struggles, challenges and adventures in building a creative career, and my life as an Artist, always dance along with my interest in finding balance, beauty, wellbeing, and living the most healthy, soulful, spirited life. All These things are near and dear to my heart and I want to serve you with everything I can. Often I find myself reflecting on how to put all that I am and all that I want to offer into a clear message and product.

To get more clarity, as well as to give myself a clear structure within my work-week, I have decided to dedicate each day of the week to a specific category. All these categories play an important role in my life and support me in living a balanced, happy and beautiful life. I will start to create little daily posts on my Facebook page to spark your life with inspiration a bit more often.You may therefore want to check out my Facebook page each and every day to hopefully get an extra boost of inspiration. So, make sure to click “like” here, if you haven’t already to receive and see all my posts in your activity feed.

Here is how I am going to schedule the posts:

Daily Inspirations


1. INSPIRATION Monday: On Mondays you can expect to receive an inspiring quote or image, some words of wisdom to help you start the week inspired. To rise your vibration and lift you out of the typical Monday morning blues that we can so easily fall into.

2.INTENTION Tuesday: On Tuesdays I invite you to set your intention for the day, and for the entire week. Let’s talk briefly about the importance of intention. Intention is so important in everything you do in life. Your intention is like the warming sun, your tree branches are growing towards. Having clarity on what you want to achieve on that day, that week, or  month, and having a focused action step, drives you in reaching your goal.  Not having a clear picture of what you want is often the biggest obstacle in manifesting your dreams. You can hardly have an intent if you don’t know what you want. So, practising setting clear intentions is the first step towards your desire. Tuesday is the reminder day to set your intentions.

3. WELLNESS Wednesday: Everyone who knows me agrees that I am a health and wellness fanatic. As a dancer, I learned early on in my life, that my body and my health are my biggest asset and are literally vital. Thus, I take great care of everything I put into on on my body and exquisite self-care has become a non-negotiable to me. On Wednesdays I would like to remind you to gift your physical and energetic body with lots of love.

4. CREATIVITY Thursday: Thursdays are the days when you can find me in my art studio. That’s why I decided to devote this day to Creativity. Expect to receive some artful vibes on Thursdays.

5. LOVENOTES Friday: I will do my best to send you my newsletter, every Friday. And excuse me if I it’s not happening every week, if I am not in your inbox on Friday, I am probably a bit too busy balancing my crazy life, with creative projects, business, kids, husband…..You know what I am talking about. 😉

6. GRATITUDE Saturday: A little note for you to start the weekend with making a list of all the things you’re grateful for. This will help you see and appreciate all the beauty and abundance that you have already created in your life.

7. SOULFUL Sunday: This is my sacred day that I will devote to my soul’s desires. I will ask myself “what is the one thing that my soul desires today? “, and will do it. It is a kind invitation to let go of any “have tos and need tos”. Less is more, for real!

Please share in the comment section below, what you would like to read, see and receive more from me. Which are the categories or themes that inspired you most in this blog? I would love to infuse more of it specifically in the future.


Little Guide to creative, intuitive, abundant living


I am also in the process of writing a little e-book/guide in which I share my favorite ways, tips, practises, rituals and inspirations.

A guide to help you build and cultivate your most creative, intuitive and abundant life.

Again, your feedback on things you like or you miss on this blog would be greately appreciated , and support my writing process on this guide.

All my subscribers receive this guide some time before Christmas as a Thank You. So stay tuned for my next newsletters.



And here are some impressions from our advent market, which took place last Saturday in our art studio. It was great fun presenting my art and christmas cards. I sold out on all the Angel cards, but I am already creating new ones. You may order your own cards by dropping me a mail on abunDance at


Thank you for being here, follow your bliss,

share your ideas, thoughts, insights and feedback and leave me a comment.

Have a wonderful week, sending you lots of love,



Meet me in the Studio

Christina Szegedi 1 (302 of 337)

 ” To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. ”  Joseph Chilton Pearce

I have been quiet on the blog for a while. With so many new projects evolving, new creative opportunities coming into my life  and, my work as a coach and of course being a mother  I was super busy and gave myself permission to let the blogging rest for a little while.  I must say though, I felt a bit guilty for not having sent any lovenotes to all of my lovely readers.

Today I am super excited to take you into my new art studio and show you where some of the creative magic is happening. Since August of this year, I am part of a community art/creative studio space. It is a big, open, bright space, a creative glass house, which used to be a garden center, and is now called VITRINE.

We are about 20 creative heads in there; from textile designers, jewlery makers, painters, journlalists, to film maker, fotografer, sculptor, weaver, illustrator, art teachers, we have all kinds of creative projects going on in there. I am super excited about all the collaborative ideas that have already stirred up since working there. It has always been a dream of mine to be part of a creative community and environment in my area. And this opportunity is the best proof of what can happen when you follow your dreams, and say YES! to your desires.

In May of this year, after I have sold my dance school, I didn’t have a clue where my life would lead me to. Even though it was a big risk to sell the business I have established over years, and to leave students I have been teaching for over a decade,  I knew deep inside that it was time for a new phase in my life, and that I had to make room for my dreams to lead a more creative life and career. I had this trust and inner knowing that the universe would support me if I did the things I  love and said NO to the things that don’t serve me anymore. So, against many critical voices from outside but also my logical and rational mind, I took the big leap, listened to my heart and started this new chapter in my life.

Just 3 weeks after selling my school, I went to a wedding, met a woman, who I have never seen before and who introduced me to this creative studio. In this studio there was exactly 1 space open, because someone left, waiting for me to be rented.

When we make a heart-centered choice and take action, the universe always meets us. To take action is to look for new possibilities and creative paths.

Here are some impressions from the VITRINE

image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image

Since May so many new opportunities have come into my life, one of them being a mentor and life coach for others, who want to follow their dreams and bring their creative ideas to life.

Do you know what successful people all have in common? They have coaches, mentors, support and people who believe in their talent.

My clients are coming to me for the guidance and support in setting themselves free from their own limiting believes, getting crystal clear on their vision and greatest potential, getting out of stuckness and  overwhelm and into action.

I am so passionate about helping people getting their creative dreams and ideas out into the world, cultivating a creative life and getting their heart-centered businesses up and running.

That’s why I created this VERY special offer you- an opportunity to coach 1:1 with me for a special price.


I only have 5 spots left at this introductoty rate and it must be used by the end of December 2014!

If you have ever considered coaching with me privately,  here is the chance to do it for a very low price. ( I will probably never be repeating this special rate again)

These spots are selling really fast, and I don’t want to see you miss out on this!

You can secure your spot using the Register Now Button below:



  • you long for more clarity in your life
  • you have the desire to create a business that is based on your unique gifts and talents, doing what you love
  • you need help to realize your greatest potential 
  • you long for a clear vision and crystal clarity around your message
  • you desire guidance, support, tools, strategies, and insights with your offers, packages, branding, marketing, blog, and all that you need to make your business more profitable, more impactful, and in allignment with your desires. 
  • you require support and guidance in setting clear action steps to move forward
  • you want to transform your money story
  • you know it’s time to start serving your ideal clients, and living your life on purpose!

learn more about the Private Skype Intensive here:

It will be my honor to assist you in starting to make your dream a reality.

Read other people’s experiences after coaching 1:1 with me here


If you are from the Baden/Wettingen/ Zürich area, I invite you to our advent & christmas market, taking place in the VITRINE, where I will be offering my paintings, christmas cards and more. I would be delighted to meet you there.





Mantra Paintings

You would like to have a painting in your home with your favorite colors, symbols, quotes or mantras to inspire you daily? Or a gift for your loved ones? I am offering custom-made one-of a kind paintings in all different sizes and shapes made just for you. Send me an email with your ideas, desires and your wishlist and I will get in touch with you. Shipping worldwide.


IMG_6229IMG_9517[1]   Caterpillar


Thank you for being here, follow your bliss,

share your ideas, thoughts, insights and feedback and leave me a comment.

Have a wonderful week, sending you lots of love,




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