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Hello & welcome to Living Artfully

I’ve created this space for you, who desires to feel good, live life to the fullest, and access your true power and potential. It is a place where the worlds of art, dance, yoga, and well-being of your body, mind, and soul blend into a happy fusion. Made with Love as a place of inspiration & guidance to live life artfully and approach life in a holistic way. In here it‘s all about living your healthiest, happiest life and expressing the inner worlds through creativity, while at the same time caring for Mama Earth, to protect our precious planet.

Artful living lets you be the artist and creator of your ideal life, with a balanced body, a harmonious mind, an open heart and a free soul. You may paint on an empty canvas – everyday anew. Just choose the colors and paint the story of your life.

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about christina szegedi
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My Mantra – and what I genuinly believe

 I truly believe that everyone has an inner artist living inside them somewhere.

 Creativity and intuition help you access the core of your soul’s wisdom and deepest truth.

 Creativity is pure life force. Connecting with your vital energy, lets you tap into your unlimited power, and ultimately create the life you want.

 Life is a dance, a continuous conversation between all dots. To find the perfect balance in your life’s dance you have to aligning and address all your parts and aspects.

 I believe you can experience true vibrant health and feeling free and home in your body. This is your natural state and you don’t have to torture yourselves to contain it.

 Conscious, kind, sustainable and healthy choices, brings our life – and any life we touch, such as those of fellows and animals – back to balance.

  I believe that Love starts from within each of us and if we are willing to find what we love, create a life in which we do what we love and love what we do, we are accessing our true power and infinitely rippling and healing our world.

 I believe that we all came here with a mission and that the purpose of this life is to give your unique individual energy, or creative spark, which burns inside you an expression. This expression is the embodiment of your soul’s desires.

My Mission – and what i see in it

 Nurturing the creative sparks in others, aiding them in accessing their full potential and unique expression of their creative energy.

 Guiding others home – home to their true, authentic self.

 Inspiring others on how to create freedom, love, harmony, balance, beauty, and happiness in their body, mind, and soul.

 Sharing experiences on how to better take care of mama earth and how to protect our precious planet.


Some facts about me

The short version: I am a creative spirit.                                                          

The details: I am an Artist, Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher & Coach, Yogini, Mother, Wife, Globetrotter, Nature Lover, Creative Dreamer and Explorer of Life. A multi-passionate, multi-tasking being with lots of big dreams. I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas and projects. As soon as I have one idea, my mind is already racing to fulfill the next idea. I am half Swiss, half Hungarian. After traveling around the world, I returned to my roots and call Switzerland my home.

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What I strive for

I strive for an artful life – in every single moment of it! Expressing, creating, inspiring & be inspired. I pursue this in different ways:

  • Creating art & choreographing dance & music
  • Expressing the humor and truth that I find in the everyday life
  • Connecting & working with my body through dance & the gifts of yoga
  • Decorating & styling spaces
  • Inspiring, guiding, teaching and supporting others to find harmony, balance happiness and freedom
  • Cooking and exploring in the kitchen
  • Gardening and connecting with nature
  • Capturing the beauty in the little things & the joys in the ordinary
  • I strive for my intuition being my leader, preferably through my many forms of arts and creative activities. This way, I can listen to the voice of my heart and soul, and actively shape the many little gifts I am endowed with every day
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What else makes my heart sing?

Quite a bit! Let me specify: Time with my loved ones, Life at the beach – summer and the turquoise sea, yoga & meditation, sipping and collecting teas, green smoothies, cooking, creating gourmet meals, juice, and blend with pure, fresh, raw and wholesome foods that energize and nurture, raise my vibration and create a strong, vibrant and happy body.
Dancing barefoot to great music, bubbling over with laughter till my belly hurts, creating a colorful life through paint, colors, beautiful patterns, fabrics and shapes, doodling in my sketchbook, choreography & turning music into movement, playing the piano, singing, poking around vintage stores, decorating my home, the look and fragrance of fresh flowers, taking photos, finding, capturing and creating beautiful things (as a Libra, I have an innate drive to create balance and beauty wherever I am) scented candles, gardening & harvesting my own fresh herbs, fruits & vegetables, spending lots of time in nature, traveling and exploring the world with my family, swimming, waterlilies and lotus flowers, natural self-care, essential oils, mandalas, creating raw chocolate and delicious raw desserts, watching my daughters when they play, date nights with my husband, going to the opera and theatres, old buildings with a story, learning, reading, expanding, self-development, metaphysics, journaling, collecting crystals, feathers, oracle cards and anything that helps me tap into the sacred and connect with my intuition, inner guidance, soul and spirit.

 I live in an old house with a beautiful garden in Switzerland. I am married to the love of my life who also happens to be my best friend, critic and teacher. We are parents of two wonderful girls (…and of course like every parent, we think our children are the funniest, smartest, kindest, most beautiful, most creative and inspiring children on this planet!) Every day I am so full of gratitude that they chose me to be their mother.

 My ultimate intention is always to guide my clients and students back home to their true authentic self. When I can guide them home to a place where they remember who they are and what they are here for, so they can go and live their life’s purpose, knowing that they have the power to accomplish their biggest dreams, that’s what truly makes my heart sing and my soul dance.

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Professional Bio:

Christina Szegedi is an Artist, Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Coach and the creator of Body-Mind-Soul-Dance, a unique and holistic style of coaching & training.

Christina has over 13 years of experience in teaching and guiding groups (adults & children), private clients, running her own dance studio, leading classes, workshops and retreats, in various forms and movement methods, including Dance (Ballet, Contemporary/ Modern Dance, Dance Theatre, Improvisation), Yoga, Soul Art, Arts & Creative Expression. Christina earned a BA Hons degree in dance and performing Arts from London Contemporary Dance school, with further studies at CalArts and North Carolina School of the Arts. Alongside her degrees in Dance and Performing Arts and her experience as a Choreographer, Artist & Teacher, she has acquired further certifications by advanced trainings in Yoga & Meditation, various modes of Body Work, Energy Healing, Intuitive Channeling, Nutrition and Wellness. She also holds certifications as a fitness trainer and a certified Soul Art ® Guide.  Through her own quest of self-discovery, she created her own signature coaching & training method, Body-Mind-Soul Dancewhich combines life coaching techniques with elements from the various dance & yoga styles she has studied, her passion for the healing powers of art and creative expression, fitness & nutrition, as well as chakra work and energy alignment, into a unique fusion to understand and master the Body-Mind-Soul response.

She is passionate about inspiring and supporting people to create a life that is in 100% alignment with their core essence and soul’s purpose to achieve new levels of success, fulfillment, freedom and impact in the world. Her highly intuitive abilities and her energy work are the tools she uses to see her clients for who they truly are on a soul level.

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My Method & Philosophy

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